Midwest Charity Begins at Home 

Mission Statement

MWCBH creates hope and financial relief for Midwest residents in need due to serious illness.  This is achieved by running an annual Gala event and other fundraising activities.  We pride ourselves on all dollars raised staying in the local community.  We have also created Midwest Charity Begins at Home Youth  - a committee where we aim to empower our younger generation by joining us in our mission of raising funds to support local Midwest families.  

Our charity adopts a values approach – Contribution, Community, Integrity and Compassion

Core Purpose
Creating hope and financial relief for those in need.

Core Values
Compassion Community  Contribution  Integrity
Sincerity Team  Growth  Accountability
Love Giving  Generosity  Trust
Hope Receiving  Respect  Transparency
Understanding Family  Reciprocal  Professionalism

Our History

In May 2008 my cousin Julie was diagnosed with stage three aggressive breast cancer.  She started her chemotherapy in June and was unable to continue working.
As a single mum raising two children, she was distressed with where she was going to find the money to support her children.
Julie’s story was not unlike many stories I had heard over the years with my involvement with people diagnosed with cancer and also facing financial struggle.
Over the course of a few short months, I met with people in the Geraldton community who supported my vision of holding a Gala Dinner to raise funds for my cousin. The support from volunteers and businesses was overwhelming and our first Gala Dinner was a huge success.
From that gathering of devoted family and friends in Julie’s world, the path that Julie now had to walk was partly eased from the burden of financial hardship. It was also to become the inaugural dinner, with the forming of a committed and passionate committee and Charity Begins at Home’ was given the wings to expand and to become one of the best premier events held in Geraldton.
I am so proud to know there are a team of people carrying on this wonderful tradition that began in 2008, because I believe that charity begins in our community. We rallied together when my cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer and today this wonderful cause continues. I wish to express my gratitude to the committee who continue to uphold the vision each year, as businesses and individuals come together with a true community spirit to make a difference in the lives of special people. This event would not continue to happen without your support.

Dr Ros Worthington OAM (Co Founder Charity Begins at Home)

Our people

The helpers and guiders along the way:
Over the last 10 years the Midwest Charity Begins at Home has been fundraising and helping community members in the Midwest. We have had a number of amazing Committee members who have help mould the Charity into what it is today. 

We are forever grateful.
Many hands make light work. x


These include:

2008 Ros Worthington. Chris Dobson, Tara Luff, Caroline Pettit, Karen Godfrey.

2009 Tara Luff, Chris Dobson, Caroline Pettit, Heidi Hewison, Sonya Hamilton, Tanya Rees, Ros Worthington.

2010 Tara Luff, Chris Dobson, Caroline Pettit Melinda Sorgiovanni, Sonya Hamilton, Renee Doyle, Ros Worthington.

2011 Chris Dobson, Tara Luff, Caroline Pettit, Melinda Sorgiovanni, Renee Doyle, Sonya Hamilton, Narelle Herring.

2012 Caroline Pettit, Renee Doyle, Tara Luff, Chris Dobson, Melinda Sorgiovanni, Sonya Hamilton, Narelle Dennett.

2013 Renee Doyle, Melinda Sorgovanni, Narelle Dennett, Chris Dobson Anne-Maree Hopkinson, Maree Kennedy , Amanda Miragliotta, Clarissa Green.

2014 Chris Dobson, Anne-Maree Hopkinson, Maree Kennedy, Peter Brown, Sonya Hamilton, Renee Doyle, Amanda Miragliotta, Lisa Pirrottina, Joanne Lee.

2015 Chris Dobson, Anne-Maree Hopkinson, Maree Kennedy, Peter Brown, Sonya Hamilton, Renee Doyle, Amanda Miragliotta, Lisa Pirrottina.

2016 Chris Dobson, Maree Kennedy, Peter Brown, Sonya Hamilton, Renee Doyle, Lisa Pirrottina, Andy Horstman

2017 Chris Dobson, Peter Brown, Sonya Hamilton, Renee Doyle, Lisa Pirrottina, Andy Horstman, Mick Librizzi

2018 Anne-Maree Hopkinson, Chris Dobson, Peter Brown, Andy Horstman, Mick Librizzi, Andrew Horstman, Jasmine Bunter, Paula Purcher

Midwest Charity Begins at Home Inc

PO Box 1683, Geraldton, WA

W: charitybeginsathome.org.au

E: info@charitybeginsathome.org.au

Mobile: 0499 904 066

Charity Licence No. CC21183

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